The storm in the heart of the sun.

Tash. 20. I'm listening.

When our lovely friend Bubs passed away from cerebral palsy last month me and my sister anna ( decided to get sponsored to cut off all our hair. So far we have raised over £1,200 for three charities Bubs’ friends and family were already raising for.

We have sent the hair off to cancer charities to be made into wigs for those who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

donate if you can- every little helps

It was super fun and we hope you’re smiling down at us Bubs because you still manage to bring sunshine, even from up there


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    hey there ladies so can i just say cutting off these ladies’ hair was the most stressful 10 minutes of my life and if my...
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    beautiful people and a beautiful cause
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    Shout out to Bubs QP▲Inc✈
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    my hair is gone and also my hair smells nice hehe bye
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